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Do you ever feel overwhelmed or confused while grocery shopping? If so, you’re not alone. Grocery shopping can be difficult especially when it comes to picking the healthiest items. Below are a few tips to try next time you hit your local grocery store.

Tips for healthy grocery shopping:
  1. Read  the ingredient labels on the back of packages (try to find products with 5 ingredients and less)
  2. Create an organized grocery list to minimize time spent in the store
  3. Try not to shop when you’re hungry to avoid purchasing unnecessary items
  4. Buy seasonal produce to cut back on costs
  5. Incorporate plant-based protein items (legumes, soy products, nuts)
  6. Watch for unnecessary added sugar in dairy products (flavored yogurts & milk can have tons of added sugar)
  7. Consume more whole grains! Look for products that have 3g+ of fiber per serving
  8. When buying frozen foods check fat and sodium content. Frozen fruits and vegetables are a great go-to!
  9. Enhance your water with fresh fruit and mint
  10. Avoid the snacks at checkout.

If you're interested in leading your own grocery store tour, feel free to use our presentation as a guide! Special thanks to our partnership with USC Good Neighbors for making this possible!

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