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Established in 2013, FEAST's mission is to promote health and wellness in communities through the power of healthy foods and human connection.

Poor nutrition, unhealthy eating habits, and social isolation are the leading contributors to diet-related diseases, including diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease. And while these issues impact an overwhelming number of Americans today, families in under-resourced neighborhoods are impacted the most.

In order to solve these problems, FEAST offers 16-week wellness programs that take place in schools, hospitals and other community settings throughout LA. Our wellness programs incorporate food education, including nutrition information, recipes and cooking demonstrations, access to fresh whole foods through a weekly grocery scholarship, and support through peer-to-peer sharing circles designed to uncover the underlying causes of current eating habits and create steps forward on the path towards a healthier life.

So far, FEAST has impacted the lives of thousands of individuals in Southern California, New York City, and Lincoln, Nebraska. FEAST is continuing to expand locally, regionally and nationally!

Our comprehensive programs combine practical tools like nutrition education and healthy shopping skills with food access, peer-support and community engagement to increase individual wellness so our participants can live full, healthy lives.

Our office is located in the Mercado la Paloma at the following address:

3655 South Grand Ave. #210 Los Angeles, CA 90007

Through Food, Education, Access and Support,

Together We Can Create A More Nourishing Life.

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