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Co-Executive Director of Development and Operations: Sydney Zetune (she/her)

As the Co-Executive Director responsible for Operations and Development at FEAST, Sydney oversees the seamless functioning of organizational processes while spearheading strategic growth initiatives.

Growing up in Mexico, Sydney developed a deep understanding of the role food plays in culture, family connection, and health. She received a Masters of Public Administration from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. While pursuing her masters program, Sydney found her passion for food systems through her work consulting for the InterAmerican Development Bank in a project aimed at improving the resiliency of the coffee production sector in Peru. She has held various positions including being a Sr. Underwriter at Accion East, working as a Data Analyst at Ziprecruiter, and running her own business in the CPG space, bringing experience from both the non-profit and private sectors.

In her free time, Sydney enjoys cooking, reading, spending time with her family, and teaching culinary nutrition classes and workshops.


Co-Executive Director of Programs and Partnerships: Amy Vu (she/her)

As the Co-Executive Director, responsible for Program and Partnerships, Amy advances the organization's mission through strategic program development and fostering impactful partnerships.

Amy is a registered dietitian with a Master's in Public Health from the CUNY School of Public Health and Health Policy. Growing up with immigrant parents, she learned at a very young age about how the role food plays in connecting identity, community, and health. Prior to FEAST, she worked as a Nutritionist at Harlem Children's Zone, leading family-based obesity prevention programs through the Healthy Harlem initiative. During her Neighborhood 360 Fellowship program at NYC Small Business Services, she spearheaded a community listening session to develop placed-based programs in the new Essex Street Market's demonstration kitchen. In her spare time, she likes to spend time outdoors doing activities such as hiking, rock climbing, and playing pickleball.

Communications and Development Manager: Shannon McDermott (she/her)

As Communications and Development Manager, Shannon is responsible for spreading awareness about FEAST and helping the organization grow through fundraising initiatives.

Shannon is passionate about using her background in the private sector to create a positive impact in the world. While pursuing an MBA and MA in International Development from the University of Denver, she served as a marketing and business development consultant for various non-profits including Population Services International and The Zorig Foundation. After earning her degrees, Shannon spent three years at the consumer packaged goods company, Henkel where she introduced design thinking and led an innovation program that both solved business problems and created a culture of collaboration. In her free time, Shannon volunteers for The Good Listening Project. She loves travel, art, hiking, horseback riding, and yoga.

Family and Alumni Engagement Manager: Ana Guzman (she/her)

As Family and Alumni Engagement Manager, Ana leads our food access initiatives and connects community members with FEAST’s programs and services.

Ana brings years of community leadership experience to FEAST’s organizational team. Her leadership roles have included chairperson for the English Learners Advisory Committee, and chairperson for the School Site Council. Additionally, she has served as a translator, LAUSD district meetings representative, and parent board member for the Alliance Board of Directors. A graduate of the second FEAST group, Ana immediately established new partnerships with local schools and community centers, helping to spread FEAST’s programs to additional neighborhoods in South LA. She has served as a FEAST group leader, organizer and recruiter, assisted with translating FEAST's program into Spanish, and now focuses on broadening our programing and deepening relationships with current Group members and alumni.

Data and Impact Manager: Liency Barboza (she/her)

As the Data and Impact Manager, Liency supports the tracking and monitoring of FEAST impact data for program evaluation.

Liency is a born and raised Los Angeles native and is dedicated to connecting marginalized communities with the necessary resources, tools, and information to thrive. She received a Masters in Public Administration from CSU Los Angeles and a Bachelors of Arts in English from Mount St. Mary's University. During her time in college, Liency found her bigger purpose: uplift, honor, and care for children by actively participating and engaging in the better world that they deserve. She has served in supportive roles at various non-profits through Los Angeles including Human IT and the Alliance for Children's Rights. In her free time, Liency enjoys reading, road trips, and spoiling her dog, Bubba.

Program Manager: Marlene Vega (they/them/she/her)

As FEAST’s Program Manager, Marlene builds and supports relationships between FEAST and neighborhood organizations.

Marlene was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. Inspired by their experiences growing up as a first generation Mexican-American, Marlene earned their B.S. in Community and Regional Development from the University of California, Davis and certificate in Sustainability from the UCLA Extension. Marlene is an experienced community educator, mental health advocate, and community engagement coordinator who's been involved with a diverse range of organizations such as the Los Angeles Food Policy Council, Shift Our Ways Collective, the Aggie Compass Basic Needs Center, and MySafe:LA.

Marlene is a passionate land steward working towards an equitable and inclusive future for resilient and thriving communities through food justice, youth empowerment, and sustainable practices. In their free time, Marlene enjoys hiking with their two dogs, ceramics, reading and gardening.

Group Leaders


Gilda Sion, Health Educator

Gilda is a graduate of Esperanza's Community Health Promotores Training program and a FEAST Group Leader since 2015. In addition to FEAST, Gilda provides workshop to the community on topics such as Mental Health (DMH). She is also a Community Health Worker with the National Health Foundation  helping to enroll individuals into Cal/Fresh and EBT.



Maria Thalia Carmona, Community Health Promoter - Esperanza Community Housing

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