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To Our FEAST Family, 

In order to best fulfill FEAST’s mission to promote health and wellness during the current health climate brought about by COVID-19, FEAST has been providing our Wellness Programs in a virtual setting since March and we have increased our food access activities.

FEAST’s wellness programming has always been based on the understanding that preventive health measures and positive lifestyle habits are the best actions we can take to avoid the risk of disease. This understanding holds true now more than ever. 

If you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the protective measures urged by the CDC.

If you are in Los Angeles and need access to food, please visit these resources:

  1. LA County Food Resources 211
  2. World Harvest Food Bank
  3. St. Joseph Center Food Resource Center: 310-396-6468 ext. 313
  4. Christian Food Center Food Bank
  5. Local Food Resources Phone Numbers

Here’s a comprehensive list of all services available in Los Angeles.

Here is a list of food services available across NYC neighborhoods.


Although we may not be able to convene in person during this period, we know that maintaining our human connections is essential to good health and healing. FEAST families enrolled in our programs are receiving one-on-one support in the form of individual wellness check-ins from our teaching team. They also continue to receive food scholarships, enabling them to continue experimenting with health-supportive recipes at home. Additionally, we are sharing more wellness resources and opportunities to engage together remotely with our entire network of participants, graduates, and supporters.

In addition, FEAST has increased our focus on providing access to nutritious food for families facing food insecurity. Since the onset of COVID-19, FEAST has bagged and delivered nearly 28,000 pounds of reclaimed produce, over 1,000 prepared meals, and distributed more than $18,400 in food scholarships to help families purchase nutritious food. So far, these efforts have benefitted more than 3,700 individuals throughout South Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

This approach protects the health of FEAST participants, 50% of whom have preexisting health conditions, by allowing them to stay in their homes, decreasing their exposure to COVID-19. It also mitigates the current rise of food waste, as farmers’ market and restaurant demand has decreased, and produce, originally grown with larger demand in mind, is rotting in fields or going unsold. Rather than being wasted, this produce is being reclaimed and utilized to feed families in need.

By taking proactive and protective measures, and by providing ongoing, responsive Access to nutritious food as well as Support, Together, we are confident that FEAST will continue to increase health and wellness across our service areas. 

Wishing you good health and abundant calm,

Dana Rizer

Executive Director, FEAST

Through Food, Education, Access and Support,

Together We Can Create A More Nourishing Life.

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