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The beginning of the year is a time when we set goals and intentions for the new year, often aspiring to big changes like “I want to lose 50 pounds by summer” or “I want to completely cut out sugar from my diet.” However, setting goals we can’t realistically achieve in the desired time frame sets us up for failure. 

At FEAST, we encourage participants in our wellness programs to set small, attainable goals on a weekly basis, and together we brainstorm what actions will help achieve that goal. Click here to download FEAST's Weekly Goal Tracker.

For example, if your goal is to reduce sugar intake, your small, weekly goal might be to drink one less sugary food/beverage per day. Some actions to support this goal might be to eat frozen fruit instead of dessert, purchase seltzer water instead of soda, or read the nutrition label before buying any product to find hidden sugars.

It’s hard to form healthy habits alone. We all need social and emotional support to achieve our goals. In FEAST’s wellness programs, participants in a group share about their progress, including what worked, what didn’t, and what support they need to meet their goal.


Making small changes on a daily and weekly basis can amount to much larger changes that have a big impact over time!

Want to learn more? Download the Weekly Goal Tracker worksheet we use in our Wellness Programs.

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