We all know keeping up with our healthy eating can be especially difficult during the holidays. Here are a few tips to help you stay on track with healthy choices while also enjoying tasty food during the holidays! Special thanks to the USC nutrition students, Rochelle Lai and Brittany Bettingen, and USC Good Neighbors campaign for helping us put together this list and recipes.

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Preparing the Food:

  1. Replace the chips and dip – instead of making a cream based dip, use greek yogurt. Instead of serving chips, serve sliced veggies.
  2. Choose whole grains – when serving rolls or crackers, be sure to choose varieties with whole grains. Whole grains keep you fuller longer and are less processed than white bread and crackers.
  3. Limit added sugars – for dessert, make something with fruit like roasted spiced pears
  4. Easy on the salt – limit your use of processed foods and use salt at the end of preparation, just to taste
  5. Rethink your drink – instead of choosing a drink with empty calories like soda or an alcoholic beverage, flavor some water with fresh fruit and herbs (lemon and mint is always a winning combo!) Click here for a healthy horchata recipe to serve at your holiday party!

At the Party:

  1. Don’t starve yourself before the meal – make sure you have lunch and a light snack so you don’t over do it during dinner.
  2. Finish your plate before getting seconds – give your body time to feel full before going back for more.
  3. Make half your plate vegetables – that way there’s a little less room on your plate for that extra roll of bread or chips and dip. Click here for a winter harvest salad recipe you can use to fill up your plate! 
  4. Eat slowly – enjoy the conversation and company!
  5. Take a walk or stand after you finish eating – this can help with digestion after a big meal and taking a walk is a nice way to entertain friends and family.

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